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Breath from Salt: A Deadly Genetic Disease, a New Era in Science, and the Patients and Families Who Changed Medicine Forever

Hardcover – September 8, 2020

by Bijal P. Trivedi (Author)

Cystic fibrosis was once a mysterious disease that killed infants and children. Now breakthroughs that led to treatments for cystic fibrosis could be the key to healing millions with genetic diseases of every type—from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to diabetes and sickle cell anemia.

Breath from Salt chronicles the riveting saga of cystic fibrosis, from its ancient origins to its identification in the dank autopsy room of a hospital basement, and from the CF gene’s celebrated status as one of the first human disease genes ever discovered to the groundbreaking targeted genetic therapies that now promise to cure it.

Told from the perspectives of the patients, families, physicians, scientists, and philanthropists fighting on the front lines, Breath from Salt is a remarkable story of unlikely scientific and medical firsts, of setbacks and successes, and of people who refused to give up hope—and a fascinating peek into the future of genetics and medicine.

The Wipeout Gene,” published in Scientific American in 2011, was selected for the 2012 Best American Science and Nature Writing.

What I Eat, an absolutely gorgeous book by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio, describes 80 diets from around the world. They asked Trivedi to adapt a feature she had written for New Scientist magazine for this book. Her essay, “The Agony and Ecstasy of the Calorie”, appears with others by Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Richard Wrangham and Ellen Ruppel Shell.

State Of The Wild 2006: A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wetlands , and Oceans


Trivedi contributed two chapters to “State of the Wild”. The first details newly-discovered wildlife species. The second reports important ocean news, from the decline of specific fisheries, the creation and impact of Marine Protected Areas, to the scope of the illegal shark fin trade, new CITES protections, and more. 

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