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The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit publisher of commentary and analysis, authored by academics and edited by journalists for the general public. We publish short articles (800-1000 words) by academics on timely topics related to their research.

Our mission is “to promote truthful information and strengthen journalism by unlocking the rich diversity of academic research for audiences across America.”

NIH Director's Blog Team

April 2015 - April 2018


Trivedi proposes ideas for Dr. Francis Collins’ blog posts.


Editor for NIH Director's Blog

October 2012 – April 2015


Trivedi researches and develops ideas for Dr. Francis Collins’ blog posts--cool images, news, fresh biomedical research--related to human health and biology.

Trivedi was a writer and editor for the National Geographic News Service, a wire service that she helped launch in partnership with the New York Times Syndicate. Each week she wrote/edited two enterprise science news features for an international newspaper audience. All the stories can be accessed via the archive at National Geographic News

Here are a few favorites.

Deadly New Virus Draws Experts to ‘Hot Zones 

Great Minds Ponder "Dashboard" for the Human Body

South African Desert Becomes Global-Warming Lab Scientists Rethinking Nature of Animal Memory

Artificial Volcanoes Created In New York Lab

Trivedi was a staff writer for GNN, an online magazine for the general public, which covered scientific and medical research about genetics and genomics. Here is an archive of all the stories:

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