NIH Director's Blog Team

April 2015 - Present


Trivedi proposes ideas for Dr. Francis Collins’ blog posts.


Editor for NIH Director's Blog

October 2012 – April 2015


Trivedi researches and develops ideas for Dr. Francis Collins’ blog posts--cool images, news, fresh biomedical research--related to human health and biology.

Trivedi was a staff writer for GNN, an online magazine for the general public, which covered scientific and medical research about genetics and genomics. Here is an archive of all the stories:

Trivedi was a writer and editor for the National Geographic News Service, a wire service that she helped launch in partnership with the New York Times Syndicate. Each week she wrote/edited two enterprise science news features for an international newspaper audience. All the stories can be accessed via the archive at National Geographic News

Here are a few favorites.

Deadly New Virus Draws Experts to ‘Hot Zones 

Great Minds Ponder "Dashboard" for the Human Body

South African Desert Becomes Global-Warming Lab Scientists Rethinking Nature of Animal Memory

Artificial Volcanoes Created In New York Lab